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The Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic serves low-income uninsured adults and children in our community. 

There is no cost to the patients and no insurance is accepted.


Urgent dental services are provided for adults and children residing in the Central Bucks Area. On-site dental exams and x-rays are provided by volunteer dentists and patients are referred to community dentists for the actual treatment.


The clinic provides behavioral health and social work services in order to connect individuals in the community with resources to improve their quality of life. 

Our services include:
  • Non-emergency medical care at our clinic in Doylestown 
  • Dental exams, x-rays, and hygiene in our Doylestown clinic and referrals to volunteer dentists' offices for treatment 
  • Referrals to volunteer physicians for specialty care, when ordered by the clinic's physicians 
  • Medically necessary diagnostic testing, such as lab work and x-rays 
  • Prescription medication assistance; low-cost generic medications are prescribed when medically appropriate and patients pay a small fee at local pharmacies, if affordable. 
  • Help in applying for free medications from pharmaceutical programs 
  • Diabetic supplies and other medically necessary equipment and supplies 
  • Social services, such as referrals for housing, food, and short term counseling 
  • Assistance with application for free and low-cost health insurance, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) 
  • Volunteer Spanish-English interpretation
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