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Diabetes Education

Are you extremely thirsty all the time, or do you have dry itchy skin? Most people don't know that these symptoms may be signs of a serious health condition called diabetes. Watch the video series below to learn more about diabetes and how it may impact your health.

Healthy Food Choices

Careful food choices are one of the most important ways to manage your diabetes. diabetes. There are certain foods that your body quickly turns into blood sugar - watch to learn more.

Healthy Exercise Choices

Another important way to manage your diabetes is to choose a consistent, regular exercise routine. This exercise doesn't have to be a strenuous workout at a fitness center. Watch to learn more about diabetes and exercise.

Healthy Medication

Managing your diabetes, most likely will call for some form of medication that your doctor will prescribe for you. The medications come in two forms, injectable or oral medications. As with all prescriptions, it's important to use exactly as your doctor's instruction state whatever is the case for you. Watch and learn more.

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